lab seven products

We searched far and wide to find the world’s sexiest products for you.
Okay. Maybe they’re not the sexiest products ever. But they’re still pretty rad.

LAB7-2 copy.jpg

lock & key

This is by far our favorite product that we offer. It’s sleek, it’s sexy and it’s small enough to tuck away and keep away from prying eyes. Also, you can take the 25 gorgeous silk prints out and keep your most uh….secret items in there.

Luxury Hinged Memory Box with Lock & Key
Twenty Five 4x6 silk prints


Metal head

Metal prints are so damn cool! They are super modern and oh so sleek. They come in a range of sizes and are perfect for the more discerning client who doesn’t want a boring old canvas. (Just kidding, we love canvases too!)


LAB7-18 copy.jpg

the black album

We sure love a classic album around here. And what’s more classic than the Black Album? I mean…nothing else matters, right? Anyway, we love our simple black leather album. This beauty will never go out of style and if cared for properly, should last for generations. We’re not sure who you’ll pass down these sexy photos to exactly, but that’s none of our business.

10x10 leather album*
20 pages (10 spreads)
each additional spread…….50
Acrylic image cover…….300
Metal image cover…….300

*alternate cover colors & materials available, including vegan options