What is video boudoir?

Well, simply put, it's boudoir photography in video form. It's a story telling technique that is unique and visually compelling. With us, it's all about movement. In your movement, you create your personal sensuality. Your story.


So...is this porn?

But....we can get as close or as far from that as you want. We encourage couples to get as playful and provocative as their personal boundaries allow. Think of us as professional voyeurs, documenting your story as a couple.

And if you're alone...the same thinking applies. Whether this is a gift for your lover or a gift for yourself, feel free to get as "naughty" as you want.


Who is this for?

This is for YOU.
If you're thinking about it, then it's for you.

That said, it's for women, couples and.....more.

Are you a couple with a special friend? Bring them along.
Are you a woman with a close girlfriend and you want to create a special video for your man? Let's do it.
Are you a strong, sexy woman and you just want a video for yourself? YES. This is for you.
Same sex couple? Yep, yep! This is the place for you.

Talk to us, tell us your story. Let's create something unforgettable together.


I'm nervous in front of men, will a woman be there?

Amber or another female assistant will always be there. We want you to be as comfortable as possible.

That said, Scott is a professional. He will make you feel at home. He has years of experience and always works with professionalism and respect.


I have no clue how to pose, will you help?

No problem. That's what Amber's here for. Amber is your personal coach and will help lead you into different movements that capture beautifully on camera. Trust her. She's got you.

Also, Scott is great at helping. Trust him too!



What the heck do I wear?

You'll receive a handy dandy prep guide full of helpful info and tips. We also offer personal shopping assistance for $250.

pro tip: book our XXX package and receive a complimentary hour of personal shopping assistance


do you have a studio?

Yep! We have a beautiful 1900sqft studio in the heart of Orange County. We are centrally located and easy to find, right off the 55 freeway and Dyer.